Zola Commercial Zola is casting for a series of short TV spots.


We’re looking for actors who are comfortable acting as couples, and for real couples of all shapes, sizes, sexualities, ethnicities and genders who feel comfortable showing their love on camera! These spots will convey that Zola wants couples to know that whoever they are and whatever they’re into, they can use Zola to make their big day happen. We’ ll be having couples interact with one another and celebrate their love in a variety of ways on camera - - everything from simply looking at a computer screen together to a gentle shove of cake in your partner’s face, enjoying a hike together, or playing board games in the park. You should be open to following some light direction and working through prompts for each scene to help us integrate the Zola brand with authenticity into these moments.
Non- union, 25-55, must be NYC based. Shoot dates:11/16, 11/17 or 11/18. Rate: $900 per talent. Conflicts: The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Minted. Usage/Run: 3 years streaming, 1 year OOH print linear, and organic social, paid social, email, site.

COVID- 19 guidelines all temps will be taken on set. Vaccines are mandatory. Masks will be required up until filming, social distancing whenever possible, and everyone will need to fill out a form confirming they have not shown symptoms / been around anyone with symptoms.

The breakdowns of roles are as follows:


This couple is warm, sweet, knowing, and comfortable with one another. Their style is modern bohemian - not overly organic or hippie, but approachable, tasteful and laid back. This couple spends their time at the farmers’ market, cooking delicious vegan food, or helping one another with their craft-of-the-moment. They can laugh together easily, but they’re mostly sweet and gentle with one another.
This couple can be any gender-makeup, any race, and any size, as long as they can believably embody the ‘modern bohemian’ look.


A couple (could be same gender), they are very in touch with their feelings and can express big emotions. They are quick to happy tears, especially when they get a look at their fiance in wedding attire. Classically dressed with an edge, they are unafraid to ham it up in front of the camera and really soak in the moment together.
They enjoy the outdoors, hiking with their dog, and a nice drive in the countryside. Romantic and a little bit dramatic, this couple’s wedding photos express a ton of personality and editorial flair - they know how to work a room and slay a couple’s photo.


Non-traditional, cutting edge, and confident, this couple is sexy without being overly affectionate or showy. They are two individualized creative souls who have come together to bring out the best in one another, and their artistic lifestyle has brought them together. Their style is effortless cool - unique accessories, structured ensembles from thrifted pieces, color-blocked wardrobe. They are all about nonconformity, adventure and shirking tradition in favor of what truly moves them.
They are always the coolest couple in the room.


This couple is playful, a tiny bit awkward, but so deeply in love they can’t fake it.
They’re into games: long-form strategy, role playing, retro video games, whatever is in front of them, and there is a DIY flair to everything they do. They are silly without being downright goofy, but embrace any awkwardness with humor and wit. Their uniqueness is their bond.They see the world as playful, because at their core, playfulness is what brought them together.

To be considered for this casting, please send an email with your name(s), age(s), location, a self-shot video introduction, and a short blurb about yourself.
If you are submitting as a real couple, we’d love to know how you met, how long you've been together, what you like to do as a couple and what your wedding would be like if you had one.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Please forward this to anyone who would be interested!
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